Specialty Division

2018 Problem Statement

Midwest Power & Light is seeking a qualified mechanical contractor to provide a lump sum proposal for the construction of a coal pile dust control water spray system project located at the Legacy Plant in western Missouri. The Legacy Plant consists of two (2) coal-fired steam-electric generating units, with a combined output of 1,550 megawatts. All work will be expected to be performed while both units are operational. The mechanical package will include the following:

  • Furnish all supervision, equipment, labor, tools, material, supplies, transportation, and services required for construction of power piping.
  • Furnish and install buried HDPE water supply piping, valves, and fittings.
  • Furnish and install above ground carbon steel sprinkler piping, nozzles, and supports.
  • Perform all system tie-ins as specified and indicated.
  • Field verify existing piping that is indicated to remain in service and protect during construction.
  • Flush and test new piping systems as specified.
  • System Commissioning and start up.
  • Critical timeline management and scheduling.

In addition, the mechanical contractor will contract, manage and schedule the following:

  • Electrical scope of work.
    • Design, furnish and install a complete heat tracing system.
    • Furnish and install underground electrical conduits and handholes.
    • Furnish and install spray nozzle control boxes.
    • Furnish and install all required electrical wiring and grounding.
  • Insulation scope of work
    • Pipe insulation and lagging.
  • Civil scope of work
    • Excavation and backfill as required.
    • Concrete foundations.

Request for Qualifications

At this time, Midwest Power & Light is requesting your qualifications. Firms will be evaluated on the basis of overall experience and depth of resources. Firms must submit (one) hard copy and (one) electronic copy of their qualifications. Hard copy submissions shall be contained within a 1″ three ring binder. The contents within the hard copy binders shall be comprised of 8 ½” x 11″ paper, subdivided by labeled tabs. The electronic copy must be in PDF format and saved on a USB flash drive. The flash drive electronic copy shall be clearly labeled and placed within the hard copy binder. RFQ responses should follow the format below.

  1. Letter of Transmittal
  2. Mission Statement and Management Philosophy
  3. Organization Structure
  4. Resumes of Key Personnel
  5. Financial Statements
  6. Representative Past Projects
  7. Current Projects and Backlog
  8. Project Control Procedures/Systems
  9. Safety Management/Safety Record
  10. Quality Management

*Limit 25 pages total excluding letter of transmittal

Your qualification package must be received (via hand delivery) by General Contracting, Inc.; LIED LODGE – Nebraska City, NE by 6:00 am on Thursday, October 25th.

Request for Proposal (RFP) Information
Following receipt of qualification package, the RFP documents will be issued electronically to all short-listed firms via USB flash drive. Following a brief period of time to review and confer, a pre-bid conference will be held. This meeting is scheduled for 6:00 am and will provide an opportunity for team members to hear detailed project information and pose initial questions.

Questions that remain following this meeting should be consolidated and submitted as one formal RFI by noon and answers will be provided by 4:00 pm.

Final written proposals are due outside of the Marcotte Room by 11:59 pm on Thursday, October 25th and should include the following components:

  • The proposal for the project, broken down as defined in RFP.
  • Resource loaded mechanical schedule, based on milestones provided in RFP.
  • Narrative describing the project approach.

Submissions must include one (1) original color copy and one (1) electronic copy on a USB flash drive.

Following receipt and evaluation of your qualification information and written proposal, your team will be invited to present the qualifications and approach in person and answer questions from the selection committee. Interviews will be conducted on Friday, October 26th, 2018. Exact time and location of interviews will be determined at a later date. All presentations are limited to 20 minutes in length with a 10 minute Q & A period to follow, and each member of the proposing team must have a speaking role. Further interview requirements and parameters will be outlined in the formal RFQ.

Division Rules

Specific rules and scoring sheets for the Specialty Contracting Division can be found by clicking here.

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