Heavy/Civil Division

2018 Problem Statement

Due to the ever-changing environmental conditions throughout the United States your company is looking to expand into rehabilitation of existing water control structures. These structures do not meet current standards and could be disastrous to towns in the event of a heavy rain season. The project will require you to understand temporary cofferdam design along with earth embankment and concrete spillway construction. Your team must research the project, review the plans and specifications and assemble a full estimate and proposal to submit a qualified bid package.

With this type of work your company must strive to find a competitive edge in your estimate to beat your competition while still maintaining a reasonable margin. Schedule is of upmost importance because construction must be complete during the dry season to not put towns in additional risk of flooding.

The Owner’s project you are bidding on is a unit price based contract; however, you are also required to submit the following:

  • A Qualifications Package – including the following:
    • Letter of Transmittal
    • Mission Statement and Management Philosophy
    • Organizational Structure
    • Project Organization Chart
    • Representative Past Projects
    • Current Projects and Backlog
    • Safety Management/Safety Record
    • Quality Management
    • Any other Qualifications that set your Company apart

Qualifications Package – Submit one electronic copy in pdf format. This document should be in an 8.5″ X 11″ format with a maximum of 20-pages including the title page but excluding the transmittal letter. This package must be submitted by 5:00 pm on October 17th, one week prior to the competition dates to the following email address: heavycivilregion4@gmail.com

Final Project Submittal – Submit one hard copy of the submittal in 8.5” X 11” format three hole punched and binder clipped. Also submit one copy by electronic submittal which shall be in pdf format submitted on either a flash drive or to the email address above. Final project submittal shall be submitted by 12:00 a.m. (midnight) on October 25th.

It is expected that the following items will be addressed as a part of the problem solution information:

  • Project Bid, some items to consider:
    • Accurate quantity takeoffs
    • Reasonable crew sizing and production rates
    • Accurate subcontractor/supplier quote analysis
    • Reasonable overhead and profit budgets
    • Estimate organization and backup information for unit prices
    • Bid form completed correctly
  • Project Schedule , some items to consider:
    • Address specific time constraints in the specifications
    • Enough detail to provide an evaluation of the accuracy and credibility of the schedule
    • Orderly and logical
    • In agreement with bid estimate and proposed construction methods
    • Identify critical work items and/or milestone dates
  • Construction Planning, Equipment and Methods, some Items to consider:
    • Appropriate construction planning and methods
    • Equipment and manpower selection
    • Staffing assumptions, both labor and management
    • In agreement with bid estimate and schedule
    • Anticipated contingencies or concerns
    • Solutions to potential problems
    • Project and cost control procedures/systems
    • Safety and quality issues
    • In agreement with specifications
  • Oral Presentation, some items to consider:
    • Quality of visual aids, handouts
    • Apparent knowledge
    • Appearance/professionalism of presenters
    • Freedom from distracting mannerisms
    • Quality of voice (projection)
    • Visual contact
    • Confidence and salesmanship
    • Teamwork and coordination; all participate
    • Question and answer responses
    • Should be given in a manner as if you were presenting to your company’s management to justify your estimate

Division Rules

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