Student Competitions

Our Region 4 ASC Student Management Competition showcases some of the top students in the country. The Region 4 competition typically includes a total of more than 30 teams from 14 universities in a seven state area. It is an annual event that operates in conjunction with the Region 4’s midyear meeting and Career Fair. There are five areas of competition – Heavy Civil, Commercial (two separate divisions), Design Build, and Specialty Contacting.

General Information

The next competition will be October 27-30, 2019 in Nebraska City, NE. For more information on hotel accommodations for the Region 4 competition, see “HOTEL INFORMATION” below.

Schedule of Events

The competition schedule is divided up into two separate documents. The first highlight deadlines and information specific for student competition teams. The second is for industry and faculty attendees of the both the competition and region meeting.

Click here for the 2019 ASC Region 4 Competition Schedule – Students (coming soon).

Click here for the 2019 ASC Region 4 Competition Schedule – Industry/Faculty (coming soon).

Team Registration

To enter your teams, complete the following 2019 REGISTRATION FORM (coming soon). One registration form must be completed for each team competing.

The deadline to register is September 25, 2019!

Registration fees ($400 per team) must be received by October 1, 2019.

If paying by check, mail payment to:

Associated Schools of Construction,
PO Box 1821
Fort Collins CO 80522-1821

If paying by Credit Card, please visit:

ASC Member School Payment Page

Hotel Information

The ASC Region 4 Student Construction Management Competition will once again be held at the Lied Lodge and Conference Center (2700 Sylvan Road, Nebraska City, NE 68410). To register for your rooms, please call the Reservation Desk at 1-800-546-5433 by September 23. When registering, please request a room in the ASC Student Competition Block. For 2019, rooms in the block are $109.00 plus applicable taxes.

Groups may request adjoining room as they have available. 140 guest rooms are available for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.  It will be necessary for those making reservations to give credit card information to hold their room. After this date the rooms will be released back to the hotel. The special rate and room accommodations will no longer be available.

All schools must complete and return (by September 25) the following paperwork to the Lied Lodge and Conference Center:

Lied Conference Center Contact Person(s)

Jennifer Phillips
Lied Lodge Conference Sales

Competition Rules and Guidelines (Updated 2018)

These rules are a compilation of written rules, traditional practices, and guidelines followed at previous competitions.

Work/Sleep room reservations are the responsibility of the individual schools. Coaches must accompany their teams (stay at the event hotel) throughout the entire competition event. Rooms are not usually available for check in until late afternoon – unless you are able to make special arrangements with the hotel. If you plan on a late check-in, please call the hotel to confirm late arrival. Qualification packages must be submitted in accordance with each division’s problems statement before receiving the detail problems statement (generally at 6:00 AM on Monday morning).

As in the past, a school may have only one team participating in each competition division. There can be up to six members on one team (no alternates); however, at least five team members must present the problem solution to the judges. Approval of team member substitutions after the registration deadline but before the start of the competition may be approved by the Competition Event Coordinator.

After the initial competition registration deadline (September 17) and at the discretion of the Regional Director, the two lowest enrollment divisions will reopen registration for schools to enter a second team with a maximum of two teams per division for any school on a first-come first-served basis. In addition, the design-build division will allow up to two full-time non-construction students from a different school/institution to participate on a design-build competition team.

During the 16-hour problem solving period, competitors may NOT leave the hotel premises or be in contact with outside parties (this includes cell phones, phones, fax, email, etc.) unless an emergency exists, and is approved by the Competition Event Coordinator prior to the communication. Any assistance (concerning the problem solution) by any non-team member during the 16 hour problem solving period or during the presentations is strictly prohibited. If a school wishes to bring students who are not participating in the competition to observe the event, they must contact the regional director or competition coordinator at least one week in advance of the competition.

Coaches may not have contact with their team members during the 16-hour competition period. Coaches should arrange to either deliver or have delivered food to their teams, with minimal contact with the members. Competitors and Coaches are expected to act with professionalism, good sportsmanship, and to exhibit exemplary ethics and integrity. There will be NO REFUNDS for teams failing to participate after payment has been made.

Teams will be given a “generic” company name upon registration (company addresses should be the same as the competition hotel address). Any team using a school related name (i.e. Husker Construction (UNL) or Wildcat Corporation (KSU)) will be disqualified. They will be allowed to present, but will not be able to place in the competition. This rule is designed to eliminate any unconscious school bias or preference by the judges. This includes the wearing of hats and T-shirts in the rooms during competition. Remember, judges will be visiting the rooms, so careful attention is needed as to clothing, hats, screensavers, etc. School items can be worn AFTER the competition and judging is complete for ALL teams.

It is the teams’ and coaches’ responsibility to follow rules, submission format, procedures, and “scout out” the proposal submission location to insure a timely and responsive proposal. Teams submitting late proposals, proposals in an improper format, breaking other competition rules, or participating in improper conduct as determined by the Competition Event Coordinator or by the judges will be allowed to continue participation in the competition (presentation and judges critiques), but will not be considered for placement (1st, 2nd, 3rd).

Decisions of the Competition Event Coordinator on all matters, including but not limited to rules interpretation, rules violations, proposal responsiveness, improper conduct, and investigative processes concerning the same are final. Always ask for interpretation and guidance from the Coordinator BEFORE you take any action on any matter that your peers might view as questionable or improper conduct.

This is the student’s competition. Work to avoid any appearances of impropriety by coaches, students, industry representatives, or others. We have operated as a self-regulating group, on the honor system, with no formal complaint, grievance, or appeals procedure. Please make sure your participants and supporters recognize the limitations of their roles.